(Closed: 2020-03) Visiting Research Student

24 Mar 2020

This call is now closed.

21 Feb 2020

At the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University, we are actively looking for a visiting research student who can work as a full-time research intern. If you are interested in the following position, please send your CV with education history to Kotaro Hara (kotarohara@smu.edu.sg). In addition, you could send materials such as reference letters, previously published conference papers, link to open-source projects that you contributed, and blog posts that describe your mini-projects.

The Job Responsibilities

We are looking for a highly motivated intern to work on a research project on crowdsourcing and gig-economy. You will work closely with members of our research team to design tools to support workers and requesters on the crowdsourcing platforms.

For the part that a successful candidate will work on, the key responsibilities will include two parts. (a) Understanding the concept of crowdsourcing and develop a requester toolkit that incorporates machine learning models to infer worker hourly payment. (b) Conduct an evaluation of the toolkit through qualitative and quantitative analysis, which will involve designing and conducting user studies. The successful candidate will be part of an active research team led by Prof Kotaro Hara from School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University.

Academic Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or closely related disciplines from a reputable institution of higher learning
  • Research experience in the areas related to the project

Skills and Competencies

  • Basic knowledge in programming languages such as Java, Python and R will be positively considered
  • Knowledge of machine learning, particularly the knowledge of Bayesian methods, is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience in experimental design would be useful
  • Good analytical, technical and problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated individual who can work independently and also collaboratively with team members
  • Fluency in English


Approximately 12 weeks between May to Aug, 2020.