Open Positions - Research Engineer/Postdoc

Graduate Students

We are always looking for motivated students to work with. If you are interested in working on Human-Computer Interaction research either as a PhD/Master’s student or Undergraduate Research Assistant, please send your CV with education/employment history to kotarohara@smu.edu.sg. Also, you could submit materials such as previously published conference papers, link to open-source projects that you contributed, blog posts that describe your mini-projects.

As a student, you will be working at SMU located at the heart of Singapore. You will be supported with monthly salary based on the school's policy, as well as get medical insurance if you are a graduate student.

Open Research Engineer / Postdoc Positions

Research Scientist (Postdoc)

Posted: 1 Aug 2022

Salary: Approximately S$6000 per month

Job Description

  • Leading a research project


  • PhD in computer science or related fields
  • Research experience in Human-Computer Interaction and/or related fields
  • Skills in experimental design, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and research communication
  • Designing, developing, and evaluating user models (e.g., through Bayesian cognitive modeling)
  • (Optional) Experience in planning and conducting a longitudinal study(ies)
  • (Optional) Designing and developing research tools like prototype UIs and apps for studies