Open Positions


Given the current COVID-19 situation, we are not accepting research engineers, postdocs, or visiting students from overseas currently. We will update this webpage when the situation gets better and we resume recruitment from overseas.

Open Research Engineer / Postdoc Positions

Currently we do not have open positions for research engineers and postdocs. But other faculty members at School of Computing and Information Systems may be looking for candidates. If you would like me to circulate your CV, send it to kotarohara@smu.edu.sg.

Visiting Students

I am always looking for motivated students to work with. If you are interested in working with me, please send me your CV with education/employment history to kotarohara@smu.edu.sg. Also, you could submit materials such as previously published conference papers, link to open-source projects that you contributed, blog posts that describe your mini-projects.

As a visiting student, you will be working at SMU located at the heart of Singapore. You will be supported with monthly salary based on the school's policy, as well as get medical insurance if you are a graduate student.

Now Closed

The following positions are now closed.

(Closed: 2020-03) Visiting Research Student
(Closed: 2020-11) Research Engineer / Scientist: Using Computer Vision to Locate Urban Infrastructures
(Closed: 2021-03) Research Engineer / Scientist: Multi-modal Human-Agent Interaction