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Author: Tony

Re-posted on: 05 Jul 2023

CHI Club is designed as an opportunity for CHI authors to get feedback from other members of the community, and for reviewers to gain experience in reading and providing useful critique for others who are writing.

Your writing can be better.

It can be better because you are not the person who is ultimately going to read your writing, and so you do not know what others’ perspectives on your work are – namely, what the blindspots in your writing are. The purpose of a review process is to help show you: (1) what those blindspots are in your own writing so you can improve the writing to cover them, and (2) how obviously glaring blindspots are to you as a reviewer when you are reading someone else’s work. The final “learning objective” of this process is to show you that your writing is never great on the first go, and really great writing happens after iterating on it several times.

Singapore CHI Club 2023

Singapore CHI Club 2023 is here to help improve your CHI submission. As an author, you will also write two reviews of others’ work, and then provide feedback to principal authors in a small meeting. Thus, as an author, you will get feedback from others, alongside of getting the chance to help others. If you are not an author, you are also more than welcome to join in the fun by reviewing others’ work and helping to improve the lab’s output.

We have an aggressive timeline to help you get on track. But, this is not intended to be a “make it or break it” for folks that cannot hit the deadlines – if you can’t make the deadline, you can still contribute reviews (to help in that way); however, you will need to solicit reviews outside of this little “club.”


  • Jul 24 (week of): Tony gives a presentation on “Elements of a First Page”
  • Jul 28 - Submit the first page (plus stubs) of your submission to the submission site by noon. You will receive your review assignments by 5pm.
  • Aug 2 - Prepare your feedback on the first pages into the system
  • Aug 3 - Meet at SMU to hang out with your reviewers, and to provide feedback to others.
  • Aug 11 - Tony provides a presentation on “How to provide constructive feedback on a paper submission”
  • Aug 21 - Submit a complete draft of your submission by noon. You will receive your review assignments by 5pm.
  • Aug 24 (evening) - Submit both of your reviews before the morning of Aug 25. This way your authors can review the reviews.
  • Aug 25 - Meet at SMU to hang out with your reviewers, and to provide feedback to others
  • Sep 7 - Abstract Submission
  • Sep 14 - Paper Submission
  • Sep 15 - Dinner somewhere

Submission Site

This is a real submission site that is used for many conferences. You will need to create an account on the site if you do not have one, and register to author and review submissions.


The first rule of CHI Club is: you do not talk about CHI Club. The second rule of CHI Club is: you do not talk about CHI Club. (Kidding!)

Okay, seriously, here are the rules:

  1. You need to complete at least 2 reviews for every paper you submit as a first author. If your co-authors can contribute additional reviews, or you want to pass one of those reviews off to a co-author, excellent. But, you should do at least one personally.
  2. You adhere to the timeline – particularly for submitting your full draft, and your reviews.
  3. You commit as a reviewer to reading drafts of others’ submissions, and working with (and meeting with) the author to improve the work.
  4. As an author, your responsibility is to arrange the meeting with your reviewer(s) when we meet to go over the feedback to improve your work.


  • I am not a first author. Can I still review submissions? Absolutely! Just register onto the submission site, and you will be provided with two reviews (or more, if you request) to complete.
  • I do not know how to provide feedback. What do I do? We will develop a presentation that helps talk you through this issue. Additionally, we will provide a rubric that you can work with you develop your reviewer. Remember that ultimately, you want to provide the author with feedback to help improve their work – the purpose here is not to write an excellent prose review.
  • I am a post doc. That’s not a question, but great. You’ll be assigned 4-6 reviews. Thanks for your service.
  • Do I have to do this? Absolutely not. It is voluntary. That is, unless you’re Tony’s student, in which case, it is mandatory.

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